Kittø's Terms of Service

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How i am gonna work | Commissions

Basic aspects of the artist and work time

Since I'm a college student and i do draw as a hobby, for trying to balance my time between my academic and artistic career, i just work on commissions from Friday to Sunday.

So if you ask for your commission, for example, on a Wednesday, i'll probably haven't even started it yet. You have to wait for me to tell you or check the Trello to know more about the progress of your commission.

Turnaround time and delays

In almost all my commissions, my turnaround time is about 4 days or the next weekend since payment is recieved, although, this could change for a variety of reasons:

  • Damage of equipment (Tablet or Computer)
  • Other pending commissions
  • School Homework
  • Personal duties / Work
  • If a delay needs to happen on the progress of your commission, i'll contact you ASAP with the explanation and Work In Progress from the commission itself.

    What i'll draw

    By this, i mean all the things i am able to and it suits my personality as an artist, anything not included in this list is a gray area, so if you have any doubts of anything, please contact me on Telegram.

  • Furry (aka. anthropomorphic animals)
  • Semi-humanoid characters
  • Fantasy creatures
  • Other character's
  • Vanilla / Soft Kinks
  • NSFW (Vanilla or Slight Kinks)
  • Experimental / Mecha

  • What i'll not draw

    By this, i mean that these are the topics i'll not draw, anything included in this list will not be drawn and will cause your commission to be rejected and you may get permanently blacklisted if you insist. Your commission will be rejected if includes any of these topics:

  • Shota-lolicon (or any underaged human characters)
  • Cub / Baby-fur
  • Extreme Fetishes
  • Stolen Characters
  • Controversial Historical Topics
  • Controversial Characters
  • Flags, of any kind.
  • Political Propaganda
  • Conspiracy Related
  • Suicide / Explicit Murder related

  • Usage of the artwork

    The artwork, their composition and signature are property of Kittø under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa 4.0 license.

    Once the commission is delivered in it's original file(s), you as the "commissioner" have the right to:

  • Upload it and make use of it on different social media and forums with proper credit.
  • Edit and redistribute the artwork, specifing changes made and share using the same license as the original.
  • But the "commissioner" or any person isn't allowed to:

  • Use it for commercial purposes.

  • By commissioning me, you're agreeing to this TOS and that this list can change it's rules over time when it's needed.

    Thanks for the opportunity, i'm sorry to bother you with this wall of text.